Texas A&M Energy Institute
College: TEES
Department: Multi
Director: Dr. Costas N. Georghiades
Main Mission: Research
Brief Description: The Texas A&M Energy Institute was established to engage in basic, applied, and applications research and technology development, demonstration and deployment across the entire spectrum of energy-specific resource domains that are required to guarantee that our nation's energy future is secure. The Institute brings together energy-related research in The Texas A&M University System under a single umbrella organization. EI conducts research both within specific energy resource domains and at the connected boundaries of multiple energy resource domains to exploit the enormous benefits inherent in an integrated approach to the production and utilization of our country's vast energy resources. The Institute fosters energy education and training and is the portal for those outside the Texas A&M University System to find and engage system researchers to help solve energy-related problems. EI aims to be the best in the world in working with industry to define and solve energy problems and to produce graduates who will be highly sought by industry, government and academia.
Keywords: Energy Systems, Energy Research, Energy Education