Center for Transportation Computational Mechanics
College: TTI
Department: Not Applicable
Director: Dr. Roger P. Bligh
Main Mission: Research
Brief Description: The Center was established to foster advancements in roadside safety technology with the goal of reducing the tremendous loss of life that occurs on our nation's highways each year as a result of run-off-road crashes. The Center focuses on the application of nonlinear, dynamic finite element analysis to roadside safety design and other dynamic impact problems. Other areas of work include design and evaluation of physical perimeter security devices and dynamic analysis of bridge structures, soils, and pavements. The Center also houses a scanning facility with state-of-the-art equipment, hardware, and software that is used to develop detailed 3-D models of vehicles and other objects with complex geometry.
Keywords: Computational Mechanics, Roadside Safety, Finite Element Analysis, Finite Element Modeling