Interdisciplinary Research Resources
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Texas A&M University Centers and Institutes

Texas A&M University centers and institutes are dedicated to addressing a wide variety of challenges and opportunities. They facilitate research, teaching, and creative work at Texas A&M University, encourage learning and teaching, and pursue outreach and engagement with the community. Some of these organizations specialize in research, teaching, or service while others carry out work in two or three of these areas to advance their particular missions. The search box above allows the user to search the database of centers and institutes currently operating at Texas A&M University, TAMU-Galveston, the Texas A&M University Health Science Center, and Texas A&M University System agencies either by keyword or by other more specific types of queries. Each unit listing retrieved presents basic information about the center or institute, including contact information and links to web pages that give a broader presentation of the organization's scope, mission, and work.

Texas A&M University Research Infrastructure Units

Texas A&M University hosts a broad range of research laboratories and research support units whose missions include either advancing the knowledge base of the disciplines they explore or providing essential support services to researchers engaged in those explorations. Work is currently ongoing which will lead to a comprehensive compilation of Texas A&M laboratories, Research Support Units (RSUs), and research equipment accessible to university researchers. It is hoped that when this database is complete and accessible via a web-based searchable index, researchers working at Texas A&M University and its related agencies will have information available to them which will make both the development of research proposals and the execution of research projects more efficient and cost-effective. An initial listing of Texas A&M University laboratories and research support units can be accessed by clicking the link below.

TAMUS & TAMU Centers and Institutes Policies, Rules and Guidelines

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