Cyclotron Institute
College: College of Science
Department: Physics
Director: Dr. Robert E. Tribble
Main Mission: Research
Brief Description: Established as an organizational unit of the College of Science, the Cyclotron Institute is a Department of Energy (DOE) University facility jointly supported by the State of Texas, the Cyclotron Institute is a major technical and educational resource for Texas A&M. The Institute provides the primary infrastructure for graduate programs in nuclear chemistry and nuclear physics. Programs focus on conducting basic research, educating students in accelerator-based science and technology, and providing technical capabilities for application in space science, materials science, analytical procedures, and nuclear medicine. Through an upgrade supported by the Department of Energy, TAMU, and the Robert A. Welch Foundation, Institute capabilities have been expanded to included accelerated radioactive ion beams and research medical isotope production.
Keywords: Nuclear, Accelerator, Cyclotron