European Union Center
College: College of Liberal Arts
Department: Political Science
Director: Dr. Guy D. Whitten
Main Mission: Service
Brief Description: The primary focus of the European Union Center is to support scholarly investigations of public policy with a European context. Capitalizing on academic expertise within Texas A&M University, the Center also supports the development of interdisciplinary relationships with a focus on Europe by: 1) supporting and enhancing the building of European-focused international and interdisciplinary relationships and initiatives that can create new opportunities for advancements in research and learning; 2) promoting a better understanding of the policies and issues that influence the transatlantic relationship; 3) collaborating with colleges, other campus units, and external partners to provide services and create opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to infuse European-focused international experiences and diverse perspectives in teaching, research, and engagement activities; and 4) developing external resources to support European-focused international activities that benefit faculty and students.
Keywords: International, Europe, Public Policy