Institute for Science, Technology and Public Policy
College: Bush School of Government and Public Service
Department: Not Applicable
Director: Dr. Kent Portney
Main Mission: Research
Brief Description: ISTPP conducts basic and applied research that examines the role that scientific and technical discoveries may play in solving important societal problems. This research is nonpartisan and interdisciplinary and focuses on the topic areas of the environment and natural resources, national security, health, and the built environment. ISTPP examines how science and technology data, information, discoveries, and models are best framed and communicated to decision makers and to the public and the circumstances under which that information can become a meaningful part of the policy process. ISTPP then communicates its research-based findings to the public, decision makers, and other scholars through presentations at conferences and workshops, scholarly books and articles, and outreach to public officials and citizens.
Keywords: Science, Technology, Environment, Natural Resources, Health, Policy, Built Environment