Institute for Scientific Computation
College: College of Science
Department: Not Applicable
Director: Dr. Yalchin R. Efendiev
Main Mission: Research
Brief Description: The Institute for Scientific Computation (ISC) is a multidisciplinary research center devoted to the design, analysis, and implementation of innovative computational tools to advance scientific and engineering research and education. Primarily, the ISC aims to foster synergism by identifying interdisciplinary sets of faculty with common research interests and encouraging these collectives to exploit high-performance computing and visualization approaches. To this end, the ISC operates the Immersive Visualization Center ( to provide the Texas A&M community the capability to visualize multidimensional data in an immersive environment. The ISC also oversees the Computational Sciences Certificate Program to give graduate students a broad-based multidisciplinary enhancement to their degree program.
Keywords: Computation, Science, Engineering, Visualization