Texas A&M Institute for Neuroscience
College: Not Applicable
Department: Interdisciplinary
Director: Dr. Jane Welsh
Main Mission: Research
Brief Description: The Faculty of Neuroscience at Texas A&M offers a wide variety of interdisciplinary study programs, including both a Ph.D. in Neuroscience (NRSC) as well as individually tailored programs administered through participating departments. At Texas A&M University, there is a special opportunity for collaboration among scientists studying different areas of neuroscience in eight colleges (Agriculture, Architecture, Education, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Medicine, Science and Veterinary Medicine). Individual programs can be designed with emphasis on research training in areas such as molecular neurobiology, neuroanatomy, developmental neurobiology, neurochemistry, neuroendocriniology, neurogenetics, neuorpharmacology, neurotoxicology, neurophysiology, physiological psychology, and ethology.
Keywords: Neuroscience, Molecular Neurobiology, Neuroanatomy, Physiological Psychology