Center for Population Health and Aging
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Director: Dr. Marcia Ory
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Brief Description: With increased longevity and population aging, new concerns are raised about the quality of Americans’ longer lives. To address these concerns, the Center for Population Health and Aging provides a coordinated focus for research and practice on strategies for understanding and promoting successful aging. Specifically, the Center coalesces a number of distinct but related aging and health promotion oriented research programs under the leadership of Dr. Ory including the RWJ Active for Life Program, The Texas Healthy Lifestyles Project, and the Texas Falls Prevention Coalition. The primary focus of this overarching Center is on social, behavioral and environmental factors across the full spectrum of the older population. Basic and applied research activities center on identification of social, behavioral, and environmental determinants for health and illness in older populations, Understanding of factors associated with optimal self-management and living independently with chronic illnesses and disabilities in later life; and Design and evaluation of multi-level interventions to promote health, prevent disease, and postpone disability in older adults.
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